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Mad Magazine is the Number One Humor Magazine in the World!

Mad Magazine has been, and continues to be, an American institution since 1952 when the humorous magazine was first founded by Editor Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines. Mad started out as a comic book but soon became a magazine. In its early years Mad was sized in comic book style and poked fun at modern day culture, specifically other comic books with a smattering of radio shows and other cultural icons.

Just as the book has expanded to a magazine format, they have also expanded their content to include every aspect of society. When it comes to Mad Magazine, truly nothing is sacred. Poking fun at politicians - left and right, movie and movie stars, singers, athletes and celebrities of every kind sent Alfred E. Neuman to the top shelf of newsstands and comic shops across the nation.

A celebrity knew they had reached star-status when they were featured on the cover of Mad Magazine in the company of Alfred E. Neuman. Every issue of Mad Magazine features one movie and one television parody. Other regular features include Spy vs Spy, the Lighter Side, a Mad look at… and of course the ever-popular Mad fold-in, one of my personal favorites.

Mad Magazines unabashed approach to poking fun, has led to many lawsuits. The most far-reaching was in 1961, when a group of music publishers representing famous songwriters such as Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers and Cole Porter filed a lawsuit against Mad Magazine for copyright infringement following "Sing Along With Mad," a collection of parody lyrics which the magazine said could be "sung to the tune of" many popular songs. This precedent-setting case established the rights of parodists and satirists to mimic the meter of popular songs.

Mad is known for the stability and longevity of its talent roster, billed as "The Usual Gang of Idiots," with several creators enjoying 30-, 40- and even 50-year careers in the magazine's pages. According to the "Mad Magazine Contributor Appearances" website, more than 800 contributors have received bylines in at least one issue of Mad, but only three dozen of those have contributed to 100 issues or more.

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