Magazines provide powerful reading resources for children, families, teachers, and literacy programs as well as, a wealth of entertainment for fans of modern pop culture. White Dragon Comics offers fans several Magazines with insightful information and thought provoking interviews with writers, artist and stars from televsion, comic books and movies.

Magazines offer fans information, deeper insights and intresting articles tailored to a person's personal intrest. When your looking for information tailored to your personal intrest, White Dragon Comics has the latest in reading material, for fans of all genres. You can find magazines from the comic book world to television shows.

There are many valuable and important reading materials, but we know that magazines and comics, with titles for every reading age, interest, and language, are especially powerful reading resources for children, families, teachers, and literacy programs. Magazines expand more on selected stories, going a step further in enlightening the reader and focus on specific aspects. It has been proven that reading favorite children’s magazines and comics form life-long reading habits.

Magazines are colorful and inviting, which appeals to children of all-ages and grabs their attention right from the start and holds it, ignighting their imagination.They also have the ability to build a sense of ownership, while bringing together a group of people with similar intrest.

Doctor Who fans can find the newest and latest information about the popular sci-fi flick and comic book, Doctor Who the Magazine. Whovians will find the in-depth articles, spoilers and reviews about their favorite stars. Alos, intrestingly, Doctor Who Magazine is one of the world's longest running magazines based on a televsion show.

Walking Dead, the number one televsion show and comic book has a great fact-filled magazine as well. The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine contains 100 pages of exclusive interviews and upcoming "news" and is a must have companion for all Walking Dead fans.

Mad Magazine, which really needs no introduction is always available and chaulk full of laugh out loud stories, parodies and just about anything you can think of, no-one is safe from Alfred E. Neuman! Mad Magazine founded in 1952 by editor Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines,launched as a comic book before it became a magazine and because of its no-holds-barred attitude the company has had to deal with several lawsuits, mainly copyright infringement lawsuits.

Fans can find these magazines; Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Mad and many more information packed fun magazines right here at White Dragon Comics. Screem, Star Wars, Star Trek and Heroes the Magazine are some of the other popular titles available as well. We encourage you to look over our exstensive list of Magazines available for sale on-line.

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