Japanese Comic Books Come to America

Manga Are Japanese Comic Books Translated For an American Audience. American Manga is Still Printed and Read in the Japanese Style for an Authentic Manga Experience. Here You Will Find a Good Selection of Manga For Sale.

Manga books are typically black and white Japanese comic books. The ones released in the United States are still read right to left, in the Japanese style. Anime are animated cartoons based on popular Manga story lines although not all Manga are made into anime, many are. Manga comes in all types of genre for all types of people.

Many characteristics make Manga very distinctive. Manga characters usually have large eyes and small mouths, and they usually have abnormal hair color. These things give their characters a very western look to them. Manga also show over exaggerated emotions. Since Manga is so widely popular in Japan, many different classes of Manga are available. When getting into Manga, it can help to know what the different types are, so we have provided below a list of the different kinds of Manga published.
Shônen(show-nen) - Boy’s Manga; action packed and often humorous
Shôjo (show-joe) - Girl’s Manga; lighthearted and usually involves romance
Seinen (say-nen) - Men’s Manga; more  mature and adult themes
Josei (joe-say) - Womens’ Manga –
Kodomo (kow-dow-mow) - Children’s Manga

Viz Media is one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in the field of Manga (graphic novel) publishing. They are one of the leader’s in the publishing and distribution of Japanese Manga for English speaking audiences in North America. Japan’s three largest creators and licensors of Manga and animation own Viz Media, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co.

Manga slowly began making their way into the US in the late nineteen-seventies and the early eighties. First catching on with college-aged young people who had been getting their Japanese Comics fix by subtitling, and exhibiting video tapes of anime, because translating, and reproducing Manga books was to difficult. The popularity of Manga in America continues growing to this day, as more people discover them.
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