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Silver Age comic books began right after the Golden Age of Comics. It is said that this is where the superhero genre made its big comeback. The Silver Age of comics had to change things up a bit, the public insisted that the horror, crime and romance comics contributed to juvenile delinquency and because of this comic book sales declined.

Spurred by declining sales publishers and writers of comic books passed of these genres and focused on superheroes. DC Comics was the first company to jump on the superhero band wagon, publishing many comic books that were stories about superheroes and their battles. The very first change came with The Flash, in Showcase #4 the Flash was given a new look and was a huge hit among comic fans. DC Comics, in response to the huge success started publishing several more titles. This prompted Marvel Comics to follow suit, and they too started publishing new superhero comic books.

Some of the iconic comic book creators contributed to the Silver Age of comics. These writers included the great Stan Lee along with writers Gardner Fox, John Broome, and Robert Kanigher, and artists Curt Swan, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, Mike Sekowsky, Gene Colan, Carmine Infantino, John Buscema, and John Romita, Sr. By the end of the Silver Age, a new generation of talent had entered the field, including writers Denny O'Neil, Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas, and Archie Goodwin, and artists such as Neal Adams, Herb Trimpe, Jim Steranko, and Barry Windsor-Smith.

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