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The Vertigo Comics Imprint Features All-New, Cutting-Edge Comic Book Series from Every Genre. We Offer a Wide Selection of Vertigo Comic Book Titles for Sale in Our Online Comic Book Store.

The Vertigo comic book line is an imprint of DC Comics. Vertigo comics were created to be something different, something new. Vertigo comic book stories were written with the main purpose of drawing people in for their reading, as opposed to their collectability. The Vertigo comic book line got its start in 1993, and caters to mature readers, sophisticated writers and artists. Vertigo comic books are often published with a suggested for mature readers disclaimer, and typically contains adult-oriented material including nudity and profanity. Vertigo comic book stories tend to revolve around supernatural or crime-noir based storytelling themes, and has little in common with the brighter, more animated super-hero comic books.

Although Vertigo comic books are most often horror comics and fantasy comics, Vertigo Comics has published stories from virtually every genre imaginable, dealing with crime, social satire, speculative fiction, and biography, to name just a few. 

While Vertigo comic books are published by DC Comics, the Vertigo universe is kept separate from the DC universe. There have been a limited number of DC Universe comic characters appearing in Vertigo comic books, but the Vertigo comic book story lines remain separate from regular DC continuity.

Vertigo comics were the first successful imprint of DC Comics to routinely publish creator-owned series, in fact Vertigo comics was committed to creator-owned projects,  with new writers and artists as well as established names, with the express intention of trying to bring new people into the industry, as well as use some of the best creators in comics. Vertigo comics allow writers to could create their own universe separate from any other continuity or chronology, in a sense containing a creator's vision unto the creator only.

White Dragon Comics is pleased to offer a wide selection of current and recent Vertigo comic book series. You are sure to find just the type of comic book story that you enjoy most among the many Vertigo titles that we have for sale here, in our online comic book store. Dive into something different today.

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