Fables #144 (Vertigo Comics 2014)
Fables #144 (Vertigo Comics 2014)

Fables #144 (Vertigo Comics 2014)

Fables #144 (Vertigo Comics 2014)

This is our solicitation,
Going out to every nation,
For a new issue of Fables taking wing.

We thought we would this time,
Do the entire blurb in rhyme,
Just to see if anyone actually reads this thing.

In this issue, Bigby resurrected,
Quite more monstrous than expected,
Is challenged by a golden-armored knight.

They throw down in the city,
And won't it be a pity,
If lives are lost during the bloody fight.

As our special gift to you,
We make this promise true,
That the actual issue won't be all a-rhyming.

'Twill be done in the best prose we know,
About Bigby and his Fabled foe,
And their vicious battle fought with expert timing.

Fables # 144 is written by Bill Willingham, art is drawn by Mark Buckingham with a cover by Nimit Malavia.

Fables # 144 is a 32 page comic book in full color with a rating of M for Mature Readers.

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