Comic Book Ratings and What They Mean

Comic Book Ratings and What They Mean

E or A - Everyone or All Ages: Just like it sounds, these comic books are appropriate for children of any age. They are often aimed at the youngest readers

T - Tween: Generally suited for anyone over the age of 9

T+ - Older Teens: Best for ages 13 and up

M or PA - Mature or Parental Advisory: Comic books with this rating should not be sold to anyone under 18 without parental consent

Genius #  4 (Image Comics 2014)
Genius #  4 (Image Comics 2014)

Genius # 4 (Image Comics 2014)

Genius #  4 (Image Comics 2014)

What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a people who are already supremely conditioned to wage war, who know nothing but violence since birth, and must continually adapt to new predators in order to survive?
What if the second coming of Alexander the Great, of Genghis Khan, of Napoleon, of Patton.
What if it was a teenaged girl from South Central, L.A. named Destiny?
And what if she decides to secede three blocks Of the 'Hood from the Union?
Who is going to take it back from her and her army of gangbangers?
Who can?

Genius # 4 is written by Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin with art by Afua Richardson and a cover by Nelson Blake.

Genius # 4 is a 32 page comic book in full-color rated M.

Cover art may vary.

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